PS Quest — Murphy’s Pub

Murphy’s [Irish] Pub made a valiant effort this week with their BBQ Pork Sandwich, and like most, the failure came in the sauce.  (oh, if only I could get my Anderson’s sauce folks to scale up and ship to California) Continue reading

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PS Quest — A interlude with Christopher Walken

This diverges from the quest for the ultimate pork sandwich, but is to acknowledge another great quester of the pork — the Big Bad Wolf.

Here is his story, as told by the Master, Christopher Walken:

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PS Quest — Radius

Today another SF attempt at BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches, and today another swing and a miss.  Darn.

Enter Radius on Folsom St.  As other reviewers said on Yelp, I really wanted to like this place.  Nice relaxed decor and friendly folks behind the counter.  How was the BBQ pork sandwich?

Did I say the deviled eggs were fantastic?

How’s the BBQ pork sandwich?

Did I say the chocolate chip cookie was just like mom used to (and does) make?

Sadly, the pork sandwich was rather flavorless.  Not bad, not good, just very little flavor.  It was nicely presented, but the chewy roll it was on was all the excitement this cabbage-topped fellow could muster.  Too bad.

Did I say the deviled eggs were fantastic?

PS: Ignore the photograph on their web site — it’s not nearly that fancy of a place as the photo suggests, and that’s a good thing.

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PS Quest — OZ

OZ Lounge on Kearny in San Francisco

The OZ was one of those places where you keep walking by, enticed by the frontage and the name, but never sure why you haven’t gone there.  In this case, it’s because OZ resides in a very competitive area, a veritable jungle of food options.  Well, a month ago it was time to give it a whirl. Continue reading

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PS Quest — Rudy’s Pub

Rudy’s Pub in Palo Alto, CA

Let me cut right to the chase — if you’re looking for one of the best BBQ pork sandwiches in the SF Bay Area, this is it.  Go there.  Stop reading now, and just go there.

Still reading?  Well, okay. I’ll indulge you.

Rudy’s is primarily a bar, but they serve an impressive lunch.  It’s never busy there at lunchtime because they’re about 1/8th block off the beaten path in Palo Alto, and people tend to pass them by.  Their burger is solid, and the veggie burger impresses even me, a confirmed lover of dead animal over fire.  And for $8 for the sandwich and a side, it’s definitely a winner.

Back to the BBQ pork sandwich.

This one is served up with cole slaw, generally on the side so you can portion as you see fit onto the sandwich. I can go either way on this, but as a purist, I tend to go without and eat the slaw as an additional side.  The sandwich itself is always hot and comes slathered in a tangy sauce.  The bun’s been through a few revisions, but it’s dialed in as of October of 2011.

Drop by and give this excellent sandwich a try, and post your impressions — BBQ is a very personal thing and I’d love to hear if it aligns with everyone else’s taste buds.

Oh, and if you see Megan there (the owner), tell her the tall guy who used to be upstairs sent you.

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PS Quest — The Golden West

The Golden West  — “Spicey pulled pork sandwich with cabbage and mustard”:

Not bad. Excellent (okay, very excellent) bread augmented by the mayonnaise. Spice level is quite tame, and not really a classic BBQ style spice, but good all the same. Funniest part of the take-out sandwich: the pickle in a little plastic baggy.

Conclusion: We’ll go back but might skip out on the mayo.

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